Miss Understood (dreamxonx4ever) wrote in we_wanna_be_bad,
Miss Understood

Name: Wendy

Gender: a girl

Age: 15

Location: Dallas, TX.

Describe yourself in five words: uhh... ask my friends. but these are kinda like me: nice, friendly, funny, interesting, weird.

What kind of music do you like?: anything, everything, but country and pop.

Favorite bands: umm.. i dont' know. but right now it's kinda green day.

Favorite television show: umm.. well everything on mtv pretty much.

Favorite movie: napoleon dynamite, nemo, inredibles, tx chainsaw massacre, not another teen movie, and alot more.

If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?: the pope. haha. i don't know. you. ha.

Words of wisdom: always remember, a lie gets half way around the world, before the truth gets his pants on.

Picture (If desired): i put pictures in the userinfo cuz i'm the maintainer person of this community. okay. laters.
yay have fun.

everyone join this community. yup. laters.
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